Completed: January, 1970

Service: Planning Consultancy

Sector: Residential

Client: Mr and Mrs Clarke

Continuum was appointed by Mr and Mrs Clarke (the client) to promote an existing agricultural site for residential development.

The scheme designed by Arkle Boyce Architects is located to the south-east of Tickhill village, circa 14.2km south of Doncaster Town Centre bordering the designated metropolitan Green Belt.

Services Provided

Continuum provided planning consultancy services on behalf of the client submitting representations as part of the initial “call for sites” process to inform the emerging Doncaster Local Plan for two sites measuring circa 2.5 hectares. The initial representation made provision for circa 143 new residential units. In the regulation 18 draft Local Plan published by Doncaster City Council the two sites identified were not included owing to the sensitive issues regarding the Green Belt, residential quantum and site shape. Continuum took on board comments made by the Council and submitted alternative representations and masterplan amalgamating the two sites including fundamental changes to site boundaries and design.

The new representations eliminated the irregular shape by amalgamating the two sites and reducing the quantum of residential at the site to circa 70 units. The new masterplan responded positively to sensitivities regarding the Green Belt by setting a more defensible southern boundary. 


Following submission of the updated representations the combined site achieved a draft allocation (H2Q) in the emerging Doncaster Local Plan for 74 residential units. It is anticipated that the Local Plan will be adopted in summer 2021.