Bringing it home in Trafford

Bringing it home in Trafford
Bringing it home in Trafford

9th July 2021

Continuum have been acting on behalf of Trafford Council on all matters pertaining to viability since our appointment in 2017. In the three years preceding our involvement a total equivalent to 3 affordable houses had been delivered via S106 obligations pursuant to private sector schemes. 

Since 2017 there have been over 35 viability cases submitted within Trafford Borough that were seeking to negotiate away from the policy compliant S106 contributions as set out in the Trafford Core Strategy (2012). The starting point with regard to negotiation in all these cases was an offer of zero. In the last four years the following contributions have been secured from S106 agreements in Trafford:

  1. 482 affordable houses (equivalent to circa £40,000,000); and
  2. Over £11,500,000 of other S106 contributions.

As a result of our robust approach to viability negotiations, we have supported Trafford Council in being able to reverse the previous trend of schemes being granted planning permission whilst providing no affordable housing provision.

Our assessments are in accordance with the PPG (2019) and Trafford’s adopted development plan policy, where a Local Authority is able to test the case for departure from policy compliance being pursued be an applicant.

We are experts in the field of financial viability in planning and have recently acted on behalf of Trafford Council in a high profile and inquiry at Warburton Lane where the developer were seeking to achieve planning permission for 400 no. residential units whilst offering a provision of zero affordable houses and zero in S106 contributions. The Inspector in this case dismissed the appeal and supported all viability arguments made by Continuum.

Outside Trafford we are currently acting on behalf of 7 no. Local Authorities predominantly operating in the North West of England. We have now negotiated on over 200 viability cases ranging a diverse range of scales, tenures and complexities, regularly supporting clients on viability matters at planning appeal.

Should you wish to discuss viability in planning in greater detail, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Murray Lloyd at