Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Office
Strawberry Fields Office

29th July 2021

Whilst we’re not sure the Beatles ever played in Chorley they might have passed through on their way to play the Public Hall in Preston in 1963..

Unlike the Beatles we will not just be passing through Chorley and are pleased to announce that we have now opened our new office at the Strawberry Fields Digital Hub. The opening of our new office follows recent successes Continuum have had working with clients across Lancashire and the North West. 

We consider Strawberry Fields to be the perfect space to expand and improve the relationships with existing clients, whilst creating opportunities to develop relationships with new clients in the North West.

It is particularly pleasing to open our new office at Strawberry Fields given our long standing involvement in the overall development of the site where we advised Chorley Borough Council on matters pertaining to financial viability and development feasibility.

Welcome to Strawberry Fields Digital Hub Chorley Lancashire (