Tickhill Receives Residential Allocation in Doncaster Local Plan

Tickhill residential development
Tickhill residential development

30th September 2021

The Doncaster Local Plan (2015-2035) has now been officially adopted as of 23rd September 2021, which has a sizeable impact on all of our work in the authority.

The Plan is based within the need to deliver positive sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Doncaster. In doing so, the Doncaster Local Plan turns its attention to supporting the conditions for attracting new jobs and growth, regeneration and community pride, quality of place, transport and accessibility, homes and communities, health and well-being, countryside and natural environment, climate change and energy, and natural resources.

Fundamental to the Local Plan, is the allocation of 15,907 new homes, of which 74 are assigned to Tickhill.

This has a significant impact on our ongoing project on South of Sunderland Street, Tickhill, where we promoted an agricultural site for residential development. The scheme was designed by Arkle Boyce Architects, and representations were submitted by Continuum’s planning team initially as part of the initial “call for sites” process. In the issues and options consultation, the site was not considered suitable for residential development. Continuum engaged with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) and sought to address concerns raised including the presence bordering the Green Belt, irregular shaping of the site, and the proposed residential quantum. We were able to negotiate the tricky issues raised by the DMBC and the site received a draft allocation (H2Q) in the Regulation 19 publication of the Local Plan for 74 residential units. A huge win for Continuum!

Following adoption of the Local Plan last Thursday (23rd September), Continuum on behalf of our clients will begin to progress work on delivering the residential development at the site, starting with the planning application.